Perception of what is

Acquiring the moment

Something is happening here and now, something grabs me and gets a hold of me. I know this sensation will leave a lasting impression. I am powerless although I am fully aware of this subtle movement that carries me, away from all thought or inner will. It is both an aide and a guide to seize and retain this compelling moment. Thus, intuitively, I let myself be guided by this moment.

Sound truth

In this instant, sensibility expresses itself spontaneously. Perception, feelings, and emotions, manifest themselves within me. Thus I listen carefully to what I am experiencing intimately in front of what is. I am aware that it is my presence in front of what is that forces itself upon me spontaneously:
what is true, deep inside my affects.

The premise of the imaginary

The instant is also an opening to know more, to leave the comfort zone, to give you a taste for discovery.
When words do not yet exist, when the look is astounding, when the feeling is taking form, the instant seems ethereal.
This aperture allows the spirit to awaken, shaping the audacity and the fervor of the imaginary.


Primordial need

Before all things, there is a fundamental perception of self…. the will to live.
With this will one can taste what life offers, in its profound humanity, a blossoming of sorts…. an extension of self.


This desire to extend myself leads me to go onward, and the energy is the necessary impulsion for me to move, and to act. This action accomplishes step by step within the artistic expression, gives a sense and drives my life.The energy needs channeled, sought sometimes, but when it is present, this energy is a gift.