The encounter

There, I enjoy the direct relationship with reality. It is a moment made by the acknowledgement of the already present, of what exists outside of oneself, it is an experience that demands a retention, an exploration of what seems to come my way.

Photography is the history of my meeting with a reality, for its powerful expression, for its intense presence. I get out to meet it; I get out to live that moment that is sure to come.

A quest

My approach to photography allows me to taste what is, and I dig into the existing to harvest the poetic eloquence and the power of the shapes that it contains. I look for it in what characterizes materials and contrasts, colors that harmonize, the rhythm of lines, what the light brings out and what gets lost in the shadows… all that makes the shape stand out.

Like a skin of what is, the fugitive appearance of things relates to the reality, its structures and strengths, this wholesomeness to which the shape inevitably belongs, this whole that outlines and structures our world, modeling the authenticity of the moment. There, elements combine or are in conflict, always in movement.

Forces of this flow stimulate the shape, give it a rhythm in a space that allows or restrains its fulfillment.

What emerges characterizes the way the shape appears, with a certain degree of presence that varies between density and dematerialization. The light at that moment, the atmospheric conditions and the environment as a whole determine contrasts.

What appears will not last, and from this obvious correlation of shapes, I retain the value of the instant and what it allowed me to see, whether vast or minute.
The photographic approach sends me back to the impact of the shapes itself, to this inner world. I know it from painting, when shapes and materials, in abstraction, express fully the inner self.

Photography, is edging towards the reality, getting as close as possible to it, smelling the rhythm… and then trigger and thus, retain and keep in me in repose this feeling of proximity, the one born from the intimate agreement between the self and what is, between the self and what materializes there, now.

A particular scent of discovery emanates, from the excitement of the quest. In the newness of the moment, I wholeheartedly and consciously live my relationship with the world.

Thus, between two poles I search the artwork. One of them, born from reality during the photo shoot is an eyewitness to the existence and what is authentic, the other, is this part of reality inside me: the emotion of the moment that I experienced that outlines the artwork.

All this guides my vision of photography, and my goal is to express its strength, while staying accurate.