The act

The act

In painting as in photography and beyond what differentiates them, for me, to act is to live a journey, born from a desire and oriented towards a similar goal: a free outpouring of oneself.

In this self-confrontation that is creativity, questions engendered and the desire to surpass myself orient my act.

Yet, beyond the intention and attentiveness, beyond what I grasp and understand, it is rather in my capacity to let go and to freely receive that a deep part of the inner-self will emerge, allowing the senses and the affections to speak for themselves.

Just to be there, just to sense and to feel…

And thus, in the connections, which little by little establish themselves, it is the amplitude of the act that characterizes itself in the artwork.

To attain it is not a decision, it is a hope.

To attain it is the sudden joy when I can freely immerse myself into the artwork.

… And sometimes, others find themselves in it ….