The Goal

Whether painting or taking pictures, I try to find the emotion in the work. If the goal appears the same, it is attained via different means for each of these two artistic domains.
The goal in photography rests upon the restitution of the instant, and will be recorded when I press on the trigger. In paintings it dwells in the elaboration of the artwork, stroke after stroke, but also in the way it inspires me.It establishes itself in this continuous exchange back and forth between the artwork and me.

In photography as in painting, all that makes and characterizes the artwork rests on this goal.The challenges that the goal produces need answered, and require choices to be made, means to get there, difficulties to overcome, in order for the artwork in the end to have a life of its own.

The range of possibilities

Listening to my heart and my senses is at the same time necessary and intuitive, it brings about doubts, bewilderments and uncertainties.
They are the levers that raise the questions and that allow obstacles to be surmounted.
All this broadens my range because what is unexpected, new, surprising, and fortunate can take place.

Of the Sense

Often by intuition, some spontaneous choices, sudden impressions, and also new considerations emerge.
Alert to all this, I discover implicit senses that bring me back and make me rethink the foundation of the artwork: my intention.

It is the WHAT, that I felt since the beginning, but that I refine little by little while thinking about its content and also its “framework”: how to convey this?

Thus, from the what, I arrive to the HOW; what direction to take so the artistic expression is true to my purpose.

Thus I query my intention to unearth and understand all its meaning which I thread in all my actions to create this true form. The artwork teeters between two poles, the thought and the sensible, feeding from both of them.

The significance of the artwork also manifests itself in the act via the sensible, thus enabling the artwork to be received with a meaningful affection.


In the artwork, it is to be gained, to be written deep via connections, rebounds, voids or impacts, to generate a particular sensation:
To give a certain dimension to the artwork, the force that grasps you.


It is a “profoundness”, a unifying depth that suffers no discordance in the artwork in order for it to be taken as a whole.
I look for it in the coherence, intimate correspondence between my sensibility and the artistic expression, and when in the end all distance between the artwork and me vanishes, then, I know it is here.

A necessity

I must listen to the rhythm in me: a pulsation to seize, that characterizes my experience of the moment.
Transposing that into the artwork, is looking for the correct tempo in all that makes up its “shape”:
The variety and the degrees of contrast, the shapes in play, the presence of things and the space they occupy, the sweeping of the gaze between the salient points and silences, the weight of empty space.
All this characterizes the singularity of an ambiance and a form of expression that instills a particular vibration, well beyond the theme, that echoes my feeling, its mirror form, erected in the artwork via analogous rhythm.